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Engine Lower End and Other assemblys

Flywheel & Rod Assembly
Crankcase Assembly
CamTrain Assembly


Cylinder, Cylinder Head, Piston & Valve Assembly

Oil Pumps & Systems

Oil Pump:Cast 38-47
Oil Pump:Aluminum 48-53

Other assemblys

Primary Drive Assembly
Generator Drive Assembly
Clutch Assembly
Transmission Assembly
Output Sprocket

Brake/clutch linkages & shifter

Clutch Pedal & Linkage Assembly
Brake & Pedal Linkage 31-39, 40-42, 44-53 Assembly

Other assemblys

Kickstarter Assembly
Carburetor Assembly
Distributor Assembly
Intake Manifold Assembly

Wheel Related

Rims & spokes
Rear Brake: 37-39 Assembly
Rear Brake: 40-45 Assembly
Rear Brake: 46-53 Assembly
Rear Hub: 37-39 Assembly
Rear Hub: 40-45 Assembly
Rear Hub: 46-53 Assembly

Front End - Rear suspension Assembly

Leaf Spring Fork 32-45
Girder Fork 46-48
Aerodraulic Fork 50-53
Steering 32-45
Steering 46-48
Steering 50-53
Rear Shocks

Dash panels & Instrumentation

38-47 Dash Panel
48-51 Dash Panel
52-53 Dash Panel
Speedo Drives



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